The place we call home

New Destination Video

A Country like no other.

Home to the Big Five, The 'Mother City' - Cape Town, the rolling hills of the Natal Midlands, home to the infamous warrior Shaka Zulu of the Zulu Kingdom. An abundance of endemic flora and fauna. Pristine coastal regions and friendly people and a place we are happy to call home.

Upon arrival you're more likely to be greeted by a 'Howzit', Heita, or Sawubona. Us South Africans are a friendly bunch, we enjoy our time outdoors and love showing our home off to the rest of the world.   

In this destination video we follow private guide Mark Tennant and Filmmaker Jacques Roos as they bring us a few of their amazing encounters exploring South Africa. 

Hot off the editing desk!

New Destination Video

Our latest destination video for Kenya is up.

Over countless expeditions and thousands of miles a moment was taken to put together a few unforgettable experiences that we have encountered on our journeys into the wild.

The "Kenya" destination video is a compilation of a few of those moments. We've captured hundreds of hours of amazing visuals and are working around the clock, piecing together the finest selections of imagery. Not to forget the amazing stories of discovery that come with them. 

Journey Wild Rocks the Cradle!

An interactive day tour guaranteed to get you down and dirty!

An intense 18 months and finally! It's here for you to enjoy. This is not just any other day tour. We've been busy as bee's carefully selecting the right experts in specialist fields. Bringing you a behind the scenes informative experience that will be difficult to forget. 

The nut's and bolt's of this tour don't just include exclusive access to some of our rarest discoveries ever made. The journey takes you to an active dig site known as "Bolt's Farm". This is where the real fun begins!

Putting it all to the test

Three families and bucketload of children was the challenge. Here's what they had to say.

We would like to thank the families that were involved with our challenge for their kind words. What a great journey it's been so far. We look forward to many more! 

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